7 Best Landing Page Optimization Tools

October 30, 2022


If you run ads, email marketing campaigns, or perhaps generate interaction from chatbots, you need to direct your audience to a specific digital location. And that is the purpose landing pages serve.

The landing page — usually a webpage on our website — keeps them within your sales funnel and prevents them from wandering on your website, captures contact information, and converts them into customers.

Getting a subscriber to a landing page is far from the end. You still have to ensure they take the action you want them to, which is achieved by optimizing your landing page. However, the number of existing landing page optimization tools only means selection headache.

Fortunately, I have done the hard part for you. Below is an exhaustive list of the best landing page tools for optimization based on different kinds of campaigns and ads.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is essential for businesses that want to leverage the huge online community. This independent web page serves as the perfect spot for drawing your customers in from an ad or email campaign.

These days there are no shortages of tools to help you craft the perfect landing page. Most builders are of the drag and drop style such that they no longer require coding to design.

Landing pages also encourage those who visit to act on a prompt. It could be as simple as joining an email list, buying a product, signing up for newsletters, registering for an event, enrolling for a webinar, accepting a free eBook, or checking out the latest mobile app development company around.

An effective landing page presents only one call to action button or objective and is deemed to have converted once the visitor takes the suggested action. Many businesses make the mistake of listing multiple prompts. This confuses visitors, complicates their decision-making process, and makes them less likely to convert.

Unlike a homepage that details your general business idea, collects email addresses and contains several links, landing pages are more suited for achieving a particular objective on a short-term basis. Hence, landing pages must be created deliberately for a purpose and optimized adequately to ensure maximum conversion.

If you need assistance generating topics to cover on the landing page, we recommend revisiting your pre-existing business proposal. Reviewing the objectives of the business can help inform the messaging on the landing pages for better customer alignment

1. Unbounce – Best Features for High-Converting Landing Pages

Source: unbounce.com

One of the best landing page tools for building and optimizing landing pages, Unbounce has all the functions you may need to make effective campaigns. The convenience it offers makes it possible for anyone to build pages through their visual editor, while its features help you put everything together.

  • Drag-and-drop Editor: Unbounce's custom page builder lets you add and move all of the landing page elements you would expect, all without the requirement of knowing how to code.
  • Convenience through Intelligence: The Unbounce platform has one of the smartest features you can build a landing page with. It combines machine learning with your preferences to deliver top-notch campaigns. It also has a Smart Copy function for getting you through writer’s block.
  • Fast and Effortless Landing Pages: Unbounce lets you create unique landing pages optimized for all platforms and always convert your audience.
  • Automatic Optimization: With Unbounce, you can eliminate all the complexities to get a clearer view of your campaigns and put measures in place to improve them.

Unbounce has plans starting from $90 for up to 500 conversions on a domain. Other plans give you more, but they all come with unlimited landing pages alongside other nice features.

2. Instapage – Convenient Option for Ads

Source: instapage.com

Instapage is an advanced platform that integrates six products to help medium and large enterprises scale their marketing efforts while increasing conversion rates and reducing costs. The main goal of Instapage is to help you create, optimize, analyze and personalize relevant and responsive post-click landing pages to ensure successful sales.

  • ADMAP. With the ADMAP feature, you can visualize and sync ads seamlessly to relevant landing pages to increase conversion and reduce cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Test Optimized Pages. The experimentation feature on Instapage helps you to test without compromising the landing page. This feature uses A/B testing, detailed heatmaps, and analytics to help you understand and improve the user experience.
  • Fast Page Speed. Instapage uses AMP and Thor Render Engine to ensure your post-click landing pages' quality score stays on top by loading them quickly.

Instapage offers two pricing plans; the Building plan, which costs $199 if paid annually, and the Converting plan, priced based on your demand.

3. Leadpages – Best for Building Forms

Source: leadpages.com

Leadpages is a conversion software used by business owners, content marketing consultants, and service professionals to boost lead generation. Leadpages has productivity features that let you use already designed page templates, integrate marketing tools, and publish effortlessly and in real-time. In addition, it offers a 14-day risk-free trial so that professionals can get a feel of all the software offers.

  • Drag & Drop Visual Editor. Leadpages helps you build professional Search Engine Optimized websites without developer or coding skills. With an annual purchase, you get one-year free hover domain registration.
  • Standard and Advanced Integration. The software allows you to connect over 40 marketing and sales integration tools such as Hubspot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Zapier.
  • Secure Server. Whether you connect your Leadpages domain or a personal domain, your pages are protected with SSL and HTTPS protocols.

Leadpages pricing starts at $37 per month, so small business owners can attract and transform web traffic into successful leads.

4. Optimizely – Best for Analytics and Advanced Features

Source: optimizely.com

Optimizely is an experimentation platform that uses JavaScript snippets to help marketing professionals personalize and improve their websites. The platform allows you to experiment on different parts of your websites and create various unique marketing, content creation, and email campaigns. With Optimizely, just about anyone can accelerate digital innovation and drive the return on investment of their company.

  • Content Cloud. Optimizely ensures you create and scale your content on any platform easily with its strategic content delivery.
  • Intelligence Cloud. Optimizely uses Artificial Intelligence to test new features and discover data-driven solutions. The AI integrates data from any channel, tests it, and transforms it into a real-time customer profile that you can engage with universally.
  • Commerce Cloud. Whether you're offline or online, the commerce cloud of this digital experience platform lets you run multiple shops or inventory.

Optimizely canceled its free plan in February 2018. To learn about the pricing plans, you need to send a request to the support team.

5. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) – Best for Testing and Experimentation

Source: vwo.com

Visual Website Optimizer is an optimization tool that enables anyone, including analysts, marketing professionals, and product managers, to develop A/B tests and geo-targeting campaigns without any experience.

VWO has a point-and-click editor that helps you create and monitor multiple versions of your pages for the best conversion rate. It also comes with additional tools like heat maps, funnels, on-page surveys, usability testing, and over 100 features to optimize conversion rates and sales.

  • Detailed Progress Monitoring: Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) has funnel features that help monitor a visitor’s progress on your website. You get to map out how every visitor interacts with different aspects of your website, from the landing page to the end of the final conversion page.
  • On-Page Surveys: VWO helps you get quick feedback from your visitors through the popup on-page survey. Now you don’t just see what’s happening with your website, and you can know why it’s happening and how you can manage it.
  • Session Recordings: With this feature, you can record and watch your visitors’ journey on your website. This feature records the mouse movements and clicks, which helps analyze a visitor’s interaction with your website.

You can get pricing for VWO by contacting customer support, which helps you pay for only the services you need. However, there is also a trial version to test run the services.

6. HotJar – Best for Understanding Customer Interaction

Source: hotjar.com

Hotjar is a company that develops research, intuitive, and optimization tools for businesses to get unlimited web and mobile insights into their users' experience. In other words, they help you to quickly understand what visitors do on your site, how they feel, and what they need to transform their experience positively.

  • Multi-device support. Hotjar has attracted thousands of users over the years because it is responsive on various web and mobile versions of your website.
  • Heatmaps. Use heatmaps to discover and communicate user needs as they click and move through your website. You see elements users are attracted to and vice versa to help you better analyze and improve conversion.
  • Spot Website Bug in Real-Time. Seeing where your users click or don't click isn't enough detail to run your analysis on. Hotjar provides a recording feature that lets you watch your visitors as they explore your website. With this feature, you can spot website bugs and pain points that help you proffer fast fixes.

Hotjar has a free forever version, but the paid plans start at $39 monthly.

7. UserTesting – Innovative Solutions for Connecting with Users

Source: usertesting.com

UserTesting is a feedback testing tool that allows you to receive vivid and real-life feedback on user behavior for mobile apps and websites. In addition, the UserTesting platform incorporates functions that non-experts can use. It lets you screen your website, app, or model and correctly articulates their experience through audios or videos.

  • Create Relevant UX Designs. With the right usability insight, you can create designs and UX that your users can easily navigate. In return, your users are happy, and you gain more leads.
  • Develop Delightful Products. Timely feedback will enable you to make confident decisions that allow you to develop suitable and delightful products that are easy to use.
  • Drive Brand Growth. UserTesting helps you attract, retain and grow your clientele through critical insights into your Ads, promotions, and brand. With this feedback, you can boost conversion rates and drive brand growth.

UserTesting has a free trial version, and you can only access the price of their paid plans after registration.

What’s next?

Once you're using the best landing page tools to ensure a high level of conversions, you'll need to think of how you can further leverage the email list of potential customers that you've built in the process.

Because the last thing you want to do is let that list go to waste as these one-time product purchasers or content upgrades.

In fact, a study shows that there is a direct correlation between the percentage of subscriber engagement to average monthly retention. And we all know that higher retention = brings greater ROI than any acquisition method.

Source: lenfestinstitute

The easiest way to retain and promote engagement is by starting an email newsletter with the hard-earned email list you’ve built. Not only will that help with retention, but you can also funnel qualified traffic and add value to your site while providing a way for users to establish a more direct communication channel with you.

And email newsletters don't need to be boring.

Goodbits as an example, allows you to create fun and beautiful newsletters that can engage, inform and make you money. Combined with their Google Chrome extension, you can quickly curate articles from around the web in the easy drag-and-drop builder.

Here are just some of the features that scratch the tip of the iceberg of what makes this tool so great:

  • Integration with Multiple Email Marketing Tools. In case you already use top list building and management software for your email campaigns, Goodbits allows you to continue using your existing mail provider with their seamless integrations. Migrating your newsletters over is straightforward.
  • Convenient and Affordable Service for Everyone. Anyone can use the Goodbits services even without any prior newsletter experience. Its drag-and-drop builder eliminates technicalities, and you can try out many other features with the Free plan.
  • Numerous Features for Boundless Ease. Goodbits combines all the functionalities you need for creating email newsletters. Experience absolute ease with categorized links, integration with other services like Twitter and Pocket, and even automate your workflow with Zapier through their API.

Goodbits has a free plan that connects you with 100 subscribers, a Pro plan that gives access to 2000 subscribers at $24/month, and a Business plan that goes for $79/month.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are landing page optimization tools?

These tools help you optimize your landing page, and they include page builders like Unbounce, analytic tools like Google Analytics, and others for lead generation. As a part of conversion rate optimization (CRO), it covers a wide variety of functions, including A/B testing, page building, and a more complex process for measuring and enhancing overall performance.

What are landing page builders?

A landing page builder or landing page creator is a tool that can be leveraged to quickly build a landing page. Gone are the days where you hand code each landing pages. These page builders are the must have tools of any marketer's no code arsenal. Many notable builders will include landing page templates among other template types to get you started quickly.

What are some benefits of optimizing your landing pages?

While landing page optimization is specifically targeted for achieving short-term results, more benefits are connected to your campaign's success. Therefore, besides boosting the landing page performance, you get more details about your target audience, increased conversion rate, and reduced cost. Other more technical benefits include SEO (search engine optimization).

What are the steps for improving landing pages?

Using an optimization tool gives you unique insights for improving your pages. However, other steps include selecting the right template, using catchy lines, including a call-to-action, optimizing for all devices, etc. Make sure to also take advantage of the landing page designs that are packaged with your page builders. This could cut down on hours of implementation time.

The Bottom Line

Your landing page is a goldmine, and you should never leave it to chance. Using the top tools mentioned above gives you an opportunity to optimize your landing pages and position them better for converting visitors.

And that’s only half the battle. After acquiring any new leads with your landing page, you need to ensure you have an adequate retention strategy in place. Email newsletters are an easy, no-fuss way to start engaging your users, and Good bits is a great tool to help.

Good luck!

Jessica La

Jessica La is an AI Consultant with over six years in the start-up, data, and content industry. In her blog ByJessicaLa.com, she explores all things AI and is passionate about the unique ways individuals and businesses can improve, innovate and grow. You can reach her at jessica@byjessicala.com.

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