Don't reinvent your workflow. Integrate with the applications you know best.

Goodbits lets you leverage the countless hours you've spent building subscriber lists, gathering content, organizing products, building Shopify stores and much more.

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Import your latest images and descriptions

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Import your store collections and send to your existing customers

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Sync subscribers or import content from 500+ applications

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Send your email updates to your existing subscriber lists

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Automatically collect links posted to your team's Slack channels

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Automatically collect tweets posted on Twitter

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Automatically collect tweets posted with Buffer

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Campaign Monitor

Send your email updates to your existing subscriber lists

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Automatically collect your favorite content in Pocket

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Automatically collect content from RSS feeds

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We've been really happy with Goodbits and have used it since it launched. The format of our content gets a really high level of engagement and it's incredibly easy to use. We're never late sending out a regular monthly update.
Chris, Co-Founder & CTO

Today's industry leaders trust and send with Goodbits.

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