Create a twitter newsletter by collecting & curating tweets.

Use Goodbits to automatically collect tweets you've posted on Twitter. Build and send your email newsletters using Goodbits' beautiful drag-and-drop interface.


Collect & curate content, then build your roundup newsletter in minutes.


Drag and drop to create an engaging roundup email newsletter.


Engaging newsletters in minutes.

Your team already shares great content with Twitter.

Use Goodbits' slick drag-and-drop interface to share this content with your own insights, and engage your audience with a weekly “top hits” digest.

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Grow your audience

Twitter helps you grow your social media following.

Let Goodbits help grow your email audience, too. Our branded Sharing Banner and subscribe button accompanies each link that is sent or shared, increasing your newsletter's reach and audience.

Already have a following? Goodbits provides content analytics for you to understand what content is resonating with your audience and help you curate and create even more engaging content.