Easily create a roundup newsletter for Active Campaign.

Collaboratively curate your newsletters using Goodbits' beautiful  drag-and-drop interface, then send with Active Campaign.


Collect & curate content, then build your roundup newsletter in minutes.


Send with the leading marketing automation tool.

The easiest way to send a roundup newsletter to your Active Campaign audience.

Goodbits automatically saves links from dozens of sources so when you're ready to build your weekly roundup it takes minutes, not hours.

Create your newsletter

Create your newsletter in minutes with Goodbits, and send it through Active Campaign in one click. It's the best of both worlds.

Send to Unlimited subscribers

Send to as many subscribers as you'd like when you send with Active Campaign.

Deep-dive analytics

When you send with Goodbits, you can gain insight into how your readers are engaging with the content that you share. Goodbits provides click-level analytics so you know what content is resonating with your audience.

Content curation

Never run out of things to write about with Goodbits content curation. Automatically save links from anywhere you post to, so you always have something to share with your audience.

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