Issue #4

So it Goes. Weekly Newsletter

Hope your week's going well. I'm back with this week's newsletter.

As promised, I've shared some resources on Virtual Reality - I think it could be world-changing. Don't believe me? Read my blog post below, and then the first two items in the 'Best articles I read' section. And once you've done that, check out the Cool Tools section - you can have a VR headset for less than the cost of a cuppa at Starbucks!

But it's not just about VR this week - I've also included my usual articles on business and strategy, and a couple of great books to check out. Hope you enjoy them.

Let's begin, shall we? Here's my article on Virtual Reality.

The best articles I read this week

Check these books out

Cool Tools

That's it for this issue. Would love to hear whether you find it interesting, and any changes you suggest to make it even more so. Specifically, please reply and tell me if you find the newsletter (a) uninteresting; (b) too long; or (c) badly timed (i.e, would prefer it on another day).

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