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Collect links shared with Buffer & curate them into a newsletter

Use Goodbits to automatically collect your best and most engaging links from Buffer into a weekly “must-read” digest newsletter for your audience.

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Engaging newsletters in minutes

Your team already shares great content with Buffer. Use Goodbits' slick drag-and-drop interface to share this content with your own insights, and engage your audience with a weekly “top hits” digest.

Grow and understand your email audience

Buffer helps you grow your social media following. Let Goodbits help grow your email audience, too. Our branded Sharing Banner and subscribe button accompanies each link that is sent or shared, increasing your newsletter's reach and audience.

Already have a following? Goodbits provides content analytics for you to understand what content is resonating with your audience and help you curate and create even more engaging content.

Integrates with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

Goodbits works with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor so you can send newsletters to your existing lists as soon as your newsletter is ready.

Want to manage your lists yourself? Import your list from MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and manage your subscribers with available embed sign-up forms and beautiful landing pages right in Goodbits.

About Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool that simplifies the way you share interesting content. Simply fill your queue with content and Buffer automagically posts to all your networks throughout the day or week, and at the best time for maximum engagement and reach.

About Goodbits

Goodbits helps your team collect content — manually with browser extensions and automatically — and curate your content into beautiful responsive email newsletters using our simple drag & drop editor.

Goodbits integrates with many of your favourite tools

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Send your curated email newsletter to your existing subscriber lists with Mailchimp.

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Campaign Monitor

Send your email newsletter to your subscribers in Campaign Monitor with a click of a button

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Sync subscribers or import content from 500+ applications

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Automatically collect links posted to your team's Slack channels.

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Automatically collect tweets posted on Twitter.

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Automatically collect tweets posted with Buffer.

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Automatically collect your favorite content in Pocket.

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Automatically collect content from RSS feeds.

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